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AXA Fink & Wagner´s Private Health Insurance – Your Ideal Insurance in Munich

Our team in Munich offers you an all-round product for your health insurance. Our high-performing services and goods come with attractive prices. Thanks to our flexible programs, employees will find the perfectly suitable private health insurance solution – as well as independent workers or freelancers. You can book several of our services and goods separately, therefore, your insurance is individually built for your personal needs and wishes. We want you to be insured just as you need it – often, statutory health insurance doesn´t cover all possible needs – AXA Fink & Wagner´s Private Health Insurance solution offers you services as you need them.

Additional Offers for Insuring Your Health

AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. in Munich sets milestones when it comes to insurance. Our high-performance services and goods come with great conditions. Employees, freelancers and independent workers profit from our insurance solutions – you can profit from them as well!
You´re lifting your health? Awesome! Nobody likes getting ill. For that reason, we´d like to thank you for your efforts concerning your health: You can benefit from attractive bonus payments and contribution refunds.
Flexible services for individual insurance. We want you to get the insurance you need and want. Hence, we offer you combinable services and goods to create the service suitable for your individual situation. Of course, all of it comes with a great price-service-relation.
Prevention is crucial. Hence, we pay for your statutory preventive check-ups and vaccinations – no matter your age. When using this service, you don´t lose any of your claims on contribution refunds.

We´re happy to be at your service

Our team of AXA Fink & Wagner in Munich is happy to be at your service. No matter, whether you´d like to learn more about our private health insurance or whether you´d like to know how profitable the different services and goods are in your individual situation – AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. is happy to advise you. Contact us and get a noncommittal appointment, we´re looking forward to getting to know you personally.

Our Services, Your Ideal Private Health Insurance

You can control the amount of your contributions yourself, because AXA´s private health insurance is that flexible. You can combine our services and good as you need them and built just the insurance you want. You´re protected from unexpected costs, moreover, you have the chance to get parts of your contributions back, if you don´t use the offered services for a certain time. With this option, dental treatments, vaccinations and preventive check-ups are not included. Hence, you don´t need to fear losing your right of contribution refund when getting such treatments.

Health Service 360°

Within the frame of private health insurance, prevention is crucial. Moreover, we offer you prevention as a free service. The whole health program, which you can compose from different areas, insures various fields. Whether it´s about prevention, orientation, support or supply, all areas are at your hands.
Prevention: Offers for training and prevention, vaccinations and dental prophylaxis
Orientation: 24-hour medical hotline, searching specialists, checking medications
Supply: Accompaniment of chronically ill people, managing means, medical support abroad, cooperation with clinics and doctors
Support: Accompaniment of people with severe illnesses, coordination therapeutic measures, support with treatment and post-treatment

My Health

Managing your billings and services is easily and uncomplicatedly possible with AXA´s “My Health”. You are offered the perfect platform with this e-portal or even with the respective app. You can control your billings and vouchers, manage them yourself and get access to your results accounting. The portal´s search function gives you the possibility to look for the doctor, hospital or medical house you wish to be treaded at. Saving the data in your address book will be very helpful when wanting to look something up or remind yourself of which doctor you saw last. You can even book your next appointment online.
Additionally, you get an overview of your medications and tips on refund possibilities as well as advices concerning risky drug interactions.

AXA Fink & Wagner Is Happy to Advise You

With the team of AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. in Munich, you get a person of contact, with our team, you find personal consulting on all your insurance issues. Get your noncommittal appointment now – we are happy to be at your service.

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