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AXA Hauptvertretung AXA Fink & Wagner GmbH in Potsdam Private Health Insurance

AXA Fink & Wagner´s Private Health Insurance – The Allrounder for Your Health

Our private health insurance offers you high-performance services and goods for attractive prices. No matter whether you´re an independent worker, a freelancer or an employee, with our private health insurance you get just the insurance you need and want.  In order to make your insurance as individual as possible, you have the option to book several services and goods additionally. Easily and flexibly, we help you getting the services suitable for your situation. Since often, the services included in the statutory health insurance don´t cover all the areas possibly needed.

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What AXA Has to Offer Additionally – Our Specials for Your Health

AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. in Potsdam sets milestones when it´s about insurance. Independent workers as well as employees and public servants profit from high-performance services and goods, which come with attractive conditions.

You´re doing something for your health? Great! The more, the better. Nobody likes getting ill. That´s why we thank you for your effort and offer you attractive bonus payments and contribution refunds.

You can choose services flexibly. To get you the insurance you want and need is of importance to us. Hence, you get the possibility to choose just the services and goods you see fitting for your individual situation. All this comes with a great price-service-relation.

Prevention is important. That´s why we pay for the statutory preventive check-ups and vaccinations – no matter how old you are. Naturally, you don´t lose your claims on contribution refunds when using this service.

Get your individual consulting now
You have questions concerning AXA´s private health insurance? You´d like to know whether our private health insurance is profitable in your situation? Our Team of AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. in Potsdam is happy to advice you on all your insurance issues. With us, you get a qualified partner and a personal contact. All your insurance issues are in good hands with us. Contact us and get a noncommittal appointment.

Details on Our Private Health Insurance
AXA´s private health insurance is very flexible since everybody is able to control the amount of their contributions themselves. This way, you´re protected from unexpected costs. Also, you have the chance to get parts of your contributions back, if you don´t use the offered services and goods for a certain time. With this option, dental treatments, vaccinations and preventive check-ups are not included, meaning, you don´t need to fear losing your right of contribution refund when getting such treatments.

Health Service 360°
Within the frame of private health insurance, prevention is an issue of importance. Moreover, prevention is a free service for you. The whole health program, which you can compose from different areas, insures various fields. Whether it´s about prevention, orientation, support or supply, all areas are at your hands.

Prevention: Offers for training and prevention, vaccinations and dental prophylaxis
Orientation: 24-hour medical hotline, searching specialists, checking medications
Supply: Accompaniment of chronically ill people, managing means, medical support abroad, cooperation with clinics and doctors
Support: Accompaniment of people with severe illnesses, coordination therapeutic measures, support with treatment and post-treatment

My Health
To manage your billings and services easily and uncomplicatedly, AXA´s “My Health” offers you the perfect platform in form of an app or e-portal. This way, you can look into your billings and vouchers, manage them yourself and get access to your results accounting. Using the search function, you have the possibility to look for the doctor, hospital or medical house of your wishes. Also, you can save the data in your address book. You can book your doctor´s appointment online, and you can profit from a remembering function, so you don´t miss an appointment.

Moreover, you get an overview of your meds and also tips on refund possibilities as well as risks and drug interactions.

Get your free Health Management Helper for your PC, tablet or smartphone now. You don´t need to worry about your data´s safety – we follow all privacy and safety guidelines.

AXA Fink & Wagner Is Happy to Advise You

With the team of AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. in Potsdam, you get a person of contact, with our team, you find personal consulting on all your insurance issues. Get your noncommittal appointment now – we are happy to be at your service.

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