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Powerful Insurance – Your needs are matched by our Insurance´s benefits

The AXA Car Insurance is a wrap-around-insurance, which matches your needs ideally. Within our tariffs, you´ll be able to find just the benefits you need. Both our tariffs “mobile compact” and “mobile comfort” offer you our Fink & Wagner one-on-one service. Have a look at what our tariffs can offer you.

mobile online

  • 20 % discount at associated auto shops

  • Reliable insurance protection

  • Online portal for contract management

mobile compact

  • Compelling benefits, fair price

  • Clear services

  • Streamlined application process

  • Solid insurance cover

  • Mobility guarantee

  • Accident and breakdown cover

  • Driving protection

mobile comfort

  • Full security package

  • Individual insurance
    Your AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. In Munich offers you the possibility to shape your car insurance just as you need it. Our building blocks can be combined to your become your individual insurance.

  • Service in case of damage
    In case of damage, your AXA Car Insurance offers you fast-track aid.

  • Mobility guarantee
    Even in case of damage, your AXA Car Insurance helps you to keep up your mobility. You´ll get an accident and breakdown cover as well as a replacement vehicle.

We´re your experts in Potsdam

AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. In Potsdam is at your disposal. We´re happy to help you in any question concerning the tariff most suitable for your car insurance. We are personally there for you, our team will advise you, so that you can find the best insurance solution adapted to your personal situation. Wether you choose to contact us via phone, mail or by using the contact form on our websites to make an appointment for a conversation, we´ll be there for you.
Not only the premium, but also additional services should be considered when choosing a proper car insurance. In case of damage, additional non-contributory enclosures and chargeable extra services will help to increase your insurance´s efficiency. The impacts of an accident will be compensated quickly and qualitatively.

Detaillierte Informationen zu den Kfz-Versicherungstarifen von AXA

Weitere gute Argumente für die Kfz-Versicherung von AXA

Produktflyer KFZ-Versicherung mobil komfort
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Produktflyer KFZ-Versicherung mobil kompakt
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Shielded well – by AXA´s accident and breakdown cover

As soon as an accident makes your car become inoperative, you´re confronted with an immense loss of mobility. Even if there is no injury to people, a car accident comes with a lot of impacts on your life, if you´re not well shielded by a car insurance. Moreover, you´re premiums will get higher, thereby you´re payments will get up. With AXA Fink & Wagner´s accident and breakdown cover, you won´t have to feel helpless nor defenseless.

Help when it´s needed

  • AXA´s well-trained staff can help you to put everything in right order – you only have to report a damage as soon as it happens.
  • In case of an accident, we organize the damaged vehicle´s transport off the place of accident and find a replacement car for you.

No costs for assistance

  • In order to prevent things from going into the wrong direction, you should let experts handle your damage regulations.
  • Thanks to the accident and breakdown cover, you don´t need to pay for help of Fink & Wagner´s experts.

More service for your money

Your insurance should be made for all situations in which a damage is needed to be regulated solidly – it´s not only about a contract paying for accrued damage. The Team of AXA Fink & Wagner Ltd. In Potsdam is happy to advise you on all your questions concerning insurance. Please contact us and make an appointment for a noncommittal consulting at our office. We will find the ideal solution four your individual car insurance.

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