AXA Generalvertretung fair Finanzpartner oHG in Bremen
AXA Car Insurance greater Bremen area

Premium-class Insurance – the AXA Car Insurance Bremen

High-performance Insurance – Your needs completed with our Insurance´s benefits

The AXA Car Insurance is there for you to fulfill your insurance needs as your own composition. Within our tariffs, you´ll find just the benefits you really need. Both our tariffs “mobile compact” and “mobile comfort” will offer you our fair Finanzpartner oHG team as a “ one-on-one service”. Just have a closer look at what our tariffs can offer you, or better call us.
Available for that service are the following partners of fair Finanzpartner oHG:
Jens Walter-Sentker

Andreas Dautert

Patrick Jahn

mobile online

  • 20 % discount at associated garages
  • Reliable insurance protection
  • Online portal for your personal contract management
    mobile compact
  • Stunning benefits for a reasonable price
  • Good services
  • Most of your damages are covered
  • Solid insurance cover
  • Guaranteed mobility
  • Accident and breakdown cover
  • Driving protection

mobile comfort

  • Full security package
  • Individual insurance

Your AXA fair Finanzpartner oHG in greater Bremen area will offer you the possibility to composite your Car Insurance just as you want it. Use our professional expertise to get the most out of it.

  • Service in case of damage

In case of damage, your AXA Car Insurance offers you breakdown service at its best.

  • Mobility guarantee

Even in case of damage, your AXA Car Insurance helps you to keep up your mobility. You´ll get an accident and breakdown cover as well as a replacement vehicle.

We´re your experts in greater Bremen area

AXA fair Finanzpartner oHG is at your disposal. We´re happy to help you with any question concerning the tariff most suitable for your Car Insurance. Our team will advise you, so that you can find the best insurance solution possible. Feel free to contact us via phone, mail or by using the contact form on our websites to make an appointment for a conversation, we will be there for you.

Not only the premium, but also additional services should be considered when choosing a proper Car Insurance. In case of damage, additional non-contributory enclosures and chargeable extra services will help to increase your insurance´s efficiency. The impacts of an accident will be compensated instantly.

Of course, we do insure more than just cars, feel free to ask….

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